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vBrownBag Submissions Complete!

As a follow-up to my blog the other day about ideas for vBrownBag Tech Talks at VMworld 2019, I decided to post what I actually submitted.

First off, I’d really like to thank the vCommunity, as the response to several of my ideas was really well received. Quite a few members responded that they would be interested in my Panel Discussion idea about being a VMUG Leader. Because of that great interest, that is the first Tech Talk I submitted. A 27-minute submission entitled “Panel Discussion — All Things VMUG.”

The abstract for this submission is as follows: In this “fireside chat” with fellow VMUG and vCommunity Leaders we will discuss trends in VMUG groups across the country. We will delve into what is working for some groups, what doesn’t work, how to grow the Leadership panel of your local group, what to do if your local group has “died on the vine,” and how to keep the USER in your group. This session will include a wealth of Leadership Experience, so you will not want to miss it.

For my 2nd vBrownBag Tech Talk, I submitted a 12-minute discussion entitled “Top 12 Do’s and Don’ts of VMUG Leadership.” For this session, with it being a shorter length, I envision it as a “Lightning Round” of items I’ve seen and experienced in my years of VMUG Leadership across multiple groups. Thus, the abstract for this session is as follows: A Lightning Round Discussion of the Top 12 Do’s and Don’ts in being a VMUG Leader, based upon 10+ years of Leadership Experience across multiple VMUGs, both large and small.

I’m not sure if either submission will be selected, but I’ve enjoyed working on them thus far and really appreciate all of the feedback I’ve received from the vCommunity. As I hear more information on the selection process, I’ll make sure and keep everyone updated.