Potential vBrownBag Tech Talks

I chatted with Ariel Sanchez recently, seeking advice on how I could potentially obtain a FREE VMworld pass this year (surprisingly it is quite difficult for a new VMware TAM to get a pass to attend). As with everything, Ariel had a bunch of great suggestions. One suggestion that really piqued my interest was the opportunity speak at VMworld at a vBrownBag Tech Talk.

For those that don’t know about this opportunity, you can submit to present a 12 or 27-minute Tech Talk through vBrownBag. The link for submissions is found here. There, it specifically says that the submission should be a “presentation by community members on subjects of interest to other members.”

I started thinking “what do I know that is of interest to other community members?” Well, I have been a VMUG Leader in multiple VMUGs (Central MS, OKC, and Orlando) over the past 10 years. I’ve seen really good meetings with great user participation, and I’ve seen really bad meetings where very few showed up and it seemed to be more a Sales Pitch for the Sponsor of the meeting.

I would like to share my experience with the vCommunity, as even though I am now a VMUG Steering Committee member of both Central MS and Orlando VMUG groups (VMware employees cannot be a Leader, but can be on the Steering Committee), I feel I have a good idea of how to drive User Participation in local VMUGs. But I also don’t think my way is the only way, and I am constantly asking other VMUG Leaders for tips and tricks that work for their group.

Therefore, I’m currently thinking of two submissions for vBrownBag Tech Talks…1) A 12-minute discussion of Do’s and Don’ts while being a VMUG Leader, and 2) A 27-minute panel discussion of All Things VMUG (in this discussion, I’d seek out probably 5 VMUG Leaders from other groups and have a “fireside chat” of what works and doesn’t work for their group).

So, those are two ideas I’m kicking around for vBrownBag Tech Talks. What do you think? Is this something that would be of interest to some in the vCommunity? Hit me up on Twitter (@shanfitz) and let me know your thoughts. Thanks!